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Being from New York I was groomed to be an assertive and persistent person. After graduating from college with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design I used those attributes to open my own interior design studio where I designed furniture and custom rooms for over nine years. After having a successful design business, I needed a much larger challenge, so I was asked to become a general manager for a court reporting company where I managed an office of twenty people and seventy-five independent contractors. After nine years of working in New York and living in New Jersey, I found myself at a crossroads where I was let go due to downsizing. 

Wow, I found myself forty-one years old, without a job and all during a recession. I had to think fast since I had a wife and two small children that were counting on me. Well, I did what I was groomed for and used my assertiveness and persistence to go after something that was a mere dream. Opening a restaurant was not something I was accustomed to, so I did what any person would do, and fully immersed myself in the learning process. I enrolled in The French Culinary Institute and a few other courses. Once completed, I put myself on a path to opening a BBQ restaurant. With my energy and passion to succeed, I opened a restaurant where I was written up in many major papers and featured on TV and in radio. Unfortunately, I had to make a personal decision about the restaurant business, which put me in a completely different direction. 

After leaving the restaurant industry behind, I tapped into something that I always fell back on and that was sales. I looked to help others, so I decided to work by helping property owners collect money from their insurance company for damage suffered to their property. 

I was on this adventure for almost three years when I found myself in North Carolina during hurricane Florence I assisted property-owners in recouping money from storm damage. Unbeknownst to me, I was struck by the North Carolina bug. North Carolina called to me and decided to bring my family down from the North to the South. Since I felt like I was starting a new life down in the Carolina's, I found myself looking for a new direction that I could bring my innate qualities to a new profession. Real estate caught my eye and really intrigued my interest. 

So I fully engrossed myself in obtaining my brokers license and building a successful real estate business. This is where I find myself today. Using my innate assertiveness and passion, coupled with my energy and drive to help others get their dreams. That is what your going to get, when you hire me to represent your best interests, I will use my assertiveness in negotiating, my energy in locating the most perfect property, my passion in getting to the closing table with next to no worries and my will to constantly move forward.