Buying New or Resale Properties

Don't shortchange yourself when looking for a home to buy. On most counts, the builder or the seller of a home has already contractually agreed that they will pay a commission to their site agent or to their listing agent.

These sellers agents have agreed (within these contracts) to split that fee up in such a way to make sure that the home gets the largest viewing audience possible.

So, whether resale or new construction, keep your buyer's agent by your side. We have trained to know the ins and outs of all types of real estate contracts. It's what our job is all about.

The Wish List

Making a wish list is one of the fun parts of house hunting, but it’s also a practical step. It acts as a blueprint for you and for those of us working for you.

Once we know exactly what you’re looking for, we won’t waste your time or ours showing you houses that don’t fit your criteria.

You can begin the process by creating a wish list and use it as your home buying guide.

Hand both the wish list and your pre-approval letter to us and we can then proceed with the task at hand-

finding the right home for you!

The Lending Process

Keep in mind, that the most important step in the process occurs before looking at listings. This step is getting your financing in order.

Not only does this allow you to shop for homes that you can afford, it also gives you leverage with the seller. You are qualified, not just looking with an empty checkbook:)

Consumer Protection

As buyer agents, we're here to educate and protect our clients.

Our core job is to get our clients the best deal, with the least amount of hassle, with the best shot at having a good gain in equity as time rolls on. This pertains to both new and resale properties.

The site agent is working for the seller, and the listing agent is working for the seller. Hiring a buyer's agent, puts someone on your side looking out for you.

As a note, Buyer Agency came about for the protection of the consumer-you. It's the most financially rewarding free service you'll ever have!