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Feb. 23, 2018

Real Estate Tech Trends to Watch in 2018

Real Estate Tech Trends to Watch in 2018 When Buying Charlotte Houses for SaleTechnology is constantly changing the real estate sector from how we buy and sell houses for sale in Southpark to client-agent interactions. Nothing is untouched and more change is imminent. Understanding these tech trends will hopefully help real estate companies and professionals be prepared to meet new client needs in a seamless way. Read this article for details on real estate tech trends in watch in 2018 to make yourself the very best for your customer base!

Transaction-Engagement Tech

One change to look for in real estate is a shift from traditional transactions to more online transaction experiences when purchasing a Waxhaw home for sale. An example of this is the real estate platform, Compass.

Compass connects real estate agents with technology with the goal of making the search and transaction process easier and more convenient. It comes down to your personal preferences as the client. Do you want to experience the Pinterest of real estate or would you prefer traditional human interaction?


Chatbots are becoming more and more common in the real estate industry. The goal of this technology is to revolutionize customer service. Most often, they are encountered in the initial stages of contact between agents and clients.

They are supposed to be more efficient in making sure potential customers are responded to immediately when expressing interest in a Center City Charlotte house for sale.

What Are Your Thoughts?

We would love to hear your thoughts regarding the increase of technology in the real estate sector. As a home buyer or home seller, do you embrace these practices? Do you prefer more focused human interaction? What do you think is the right balance?

Please share what you think about these real estate trends to watch in 2018! Homes By Cross cares immensely about what our clients want in their home buying and selling experience.

Feb. 20, 2018

What to Know About Buying Real Estate with Cryptocurrency

Believe it or not, buying or selling a home with cryptocurrency is an emerging trend around the country. There are already a few hundred listings that mention cryptocurrency as an option for potential buyers! The demand is increasing and is largely seen in the high-end real estate market in cities such as Los Angeles. But could this option be seen in Charlotte luxury homes for sale any time soon? Perhaps! Read this article to learn what to know about buying and selling real estate with cryptocurrency so you are prepared for the future.

Who Uses Cryptocurrency in Real Estate?

You may be wondering who it is exactly who is using cryptocurrency to buy and sell homes. Most are new millionaires who are looking for ways to reinvest their gains. Real estate represents a safe and logical asset.

With the increasing demand for this currency in the market, it is becoming essential that agents learn and understand the currency in order to meet the needs of their clients. In the luxury market, if a seller is willing to accept any currency, this translates to more potential buyers.

Cryptocurrencies are still largely unregulated, and therefore, attractive to buyers in the luxury market who seek to avoid tax issues. Who knows when houses for sale in Myers Park will be bought and sold using cryptocurrency!

General Tips to Get Started

So how do you get started with cryptocurrency? Sellers and agents really need to take focused time to learn and understand it. Cryptocurrency YouTube videos are a good place to start.

Sellers who are interested in making cryptocurrency an option in their real estate transaction need to seek out and seriously interview agents who have experience with crypto transactions. They are a specialty.

If you want to learn more, download a cryptocurrency app and buy $20 of bitcoin just to practice buying it, selling it and exchanging it back to USD.

Finally, stay up to date with all of the primary cryptocurrencies. Everyone has heard about bitcoin, but there are many others such as ethereum, lite coin, ripple and bitcoin cash.

Would you buy or sell a Ballantyne house for sale with cryptocurrency? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts!

Feb. 19, 2018

How To Fall in Love With Your Home Again

How To Fall in Love With Your Home Again in Tega CayYou may have recently purchased a beautiful Sherrill’s Ford home for sale, but the honeymoon period is starting to dwindle. You are slowly starting to see little imperfections and they are stressing you out! After living in a home for a while, it’s common to fall out of love with it a bit. Luckily, there are ways to revive that spark. Read this article to learn how to fall in love with your home again and keep the bond strong!

Dive Into Spring Cleaning

Guess what? Spring is just around the corner so why not start the Spring cleaning early this year? This is among the most cost-effective ways to give your house for sale in Tega Cay a beauty boost.

Scrubbing away those smudges will definitely minimize any imperfections that are haunting you. When you are done with all of the hard cleaning work, your home will look just like it did the day you moved in! There’s no better way to fall in love all over again.

Interior Design Details

Changing up your interior design is another excellent way to revamp your home for sale in Mooresville. This can be as simple as switching out your accents in common areas and bedrooms for a fresh look.

If you want to invest more, hire a professional to give you a completely new take and really bring your home together. If you are staging your home, hiring a professional designer will take your house to the next level so that it attracts more buyers!

Home Renovation

It’s no secret that a home renovation requires money! While this is the most costly option, choosing the right project will increase the value of your home and perhaps give you a hefty return on your investment. If this is the case, bathrooms and kitchens are the areas to renovate for the most bang for your buck.

What do you think of these tips on how to fall in love with your home again? We would love to hear about your home improvement projects!

Feb. 17, 2018

How to Reconnect with Home Sellers and Buyers in the Digital Age

How to Reconnect with Home Sellers and Buyers in the Digital AgeWhen negotiating on a Providence home for sale, it’s vital to connect with and understand the other party. This can be especially difficult today, where technology rules and experiences are largely emotional.

When choosing a real estate agent, it’s important to consider how they attempt to connect and serve their customers. Analyzing the approaches of potential agents will likely give you a good idea as to how they will approach the negotiation table. Read this article to find out how to reconnect with home sellers and buyers in the digital age so that you can arrive at a fair deal!

Make My Life Simple

One way to connect with a home buyer or seller is to make their life easier! When searching for an agent, you need to look for someone who provides an experience that is smooth and integrated.

Pay attention to the way information is gathered and dispersed and how they communicate with you. All of this will tell you if the agent has what it takes to connect with the other party come time for negotiations. If you feel like the agent is disorganized, you will be stressed out and the other party will likely be annoyed. Worse yet, this could negatively affect your purchase of a house for sale in Ballantyne.

Empathy is Key

In order for connection to happen, you need to have the ability to feel what the other person feels. When interviewing agents, pay attention to how they make you feel. Does it seem like they really empathize with you or do you feel like they are faking it?

It’s vital that you trust your agent 100% and that you choose someone who is able to bring empathy to the negotiation table as well. You never what will come up, and you want someone who can conduct themselves with grace and poise at all times when purchasing a home for sale in Southpark.

Do you have more tips on how to reconnect with home sellers and buyers in the digital age? We would love to hear your ideas!

Feb. 14, 2018

Charlotte Is Building the Longest Biking Trail in North Carolina

Charlotte is Building the Longest Biking Trail in North CarolinaCharlotte is making tremendous headway on building the longest paved biking trail in NC! Once completed, it will be 26 miles long, from South Carolina, through Pineville and Uptown Charlotte, then up to UNC-Charlotte, and finally to the Cabarrus County line in Harrisburg. If you are interested in a home for sale in Center City Charlotte, you’ll easily be able to catch this trail and bike for miles!

Project Overview

The Cross Charlotte Trail (XCLT) will provide more than just exercise for Queen City residents. It will allow residents to travel by bike seamlessly from one end of Charlotte to the other! It is estimated that 140,000 residents and 130,000 jobs will be within walking distance to this trail. That means that your University City house for sale may be convenience to this trail as well!

Project Goals

One of the goals of the XCLT is to put Charlotte on the map as one of the top 25 cities in the country with the most multi-use trails. Additionally, it will allow many residents to commute without the use of a car. It is designed so that it is separated adequately from traffic so that it is an enjoyable experience all around!

Are you the owner of a house for sale in NoDa? This trail could potentially make your property even more sought after due to this additional transportation choice!

What do you think of this huge project? Can we expect to see you cruising down the XCLT when it’s finished? Please share your thoughts!



Feb. 8, 2018

Organizing Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Cluttered

Organizing Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Cluttered in Steele Creek Houses for SaleYour Plaza house for sale may look clean, and perhaps even spotless, but that doesn’t mean it’s organized. In fact, there are certain organization strategies that can make your home look messy. You absolutely want to avoid these when preparing to sell your house, as they may leave a bad impression on potential buyers. Read this article for organizing mistakes that make your home look cluttered and how to avoid them!

You See Piles

Perhaps you feel that as long as the pile is neat, it’s organized. When it comes to staging and selling a home for sale in Steele Creek, this simply won’t do. If you see your counter tops or other surfaces being cluttered with piles (even neat ones) of anything, it’s time to create a new spot for those items!

A Colorful Refrigerator

A huge eye sore in a kitchen is a refrigerator covered in sticky notes, magnets, artwork and invitations. Do yourself a favor and clear off the fridge completely so that buyers can focus on the beauty of your house for sale in Ballantyne.

It’s best to designate a spot elsewhere in your house for daily reminders. For instance, your home office or an appropriate unused corner that isn’t front and center.

Shopping Before Organizing

Finally, you’re bound to be stuck with clutter if you shop for storage solutions without first making a plan. It’s easy to think that simply buying organizing products will solve your problems, but that isn’t the case.

First, sort through your stuff and decide what should stay and what needs to go. Then, you can decide the specific products you need to best organize what’s left.

Are you guilty of any of these organizing mistakes that make your home look cluttered? Luckily, they are simple to fix so that your house can impress and sell in a snap!

Feb. 6, 2018

Bold Decorating Ideas for Your Charlotte Home

Bold Decorating Ideas for Your Charlotte Home in CorneliusYou just purchased your dream Waxhaw home for sale, and the overall decor just doesn’t fit your style. Sure there are classic and beautiful neutrals and soft tones throughout, but you love to go big and bold. Luckily, there are simple ways to spice up spaces that need some pizzazz! Read this article for bold decorating ideas for your Charlotte home that will make an impression  on anyone who visits!

For Rooms with Plenty of Natural Light

If you have a spacious space with oodles of natural light, you could try something different. Consider painting the walls a charcoal color! It will create a cozy feel, while providing a backdrop for colors to pop. Add splashes of color into the scene such as cheery colored arm chairs or a rug with an interesting pattern for the best effect.

Spruce Up Unexpected Spaces

There are certain spaces in a house for sale in Troutman that just don’t get enough attention. The laundry room is one. It’s a very functional space, but whoever said functional spaces couldn’t be fancy? For example, for a bold effect, consider hanging a beautiful chandelier over the washer and dryer. You’ll add style and make folding clothes a bit more bearable.

Nontraditional Upholstery

If you’re the type that loves to switch things up, consider reupholstering some furniture for a bold new look! For example, upholster your dining room chairs using two fabrics. Use a printed fabric for the back of the chair, while leaving the rest of the chair a solid color.

The key is to decorate the rest of the dining room in your Cornelius home for sale in a way that complements the nontraditional upholstery and brings it all together!

Do you have more bold decorating ideas for your Charlotte home? We would love to hear about your latest home improvement projects!

Feb. 5, 2018

About The Best Charlotte Neighborhoods

About the Best Charlotte NeighborhoodsIf you are looking for a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle and personality, you are sure to find it in Charlotte. The Queen City has everything from historic neighborhoods to modern and from working class to luxury Charlotte houses for sale. There is truly something for everyone! Read this article to learn about the best Charlotte neighborhoods and what it takes to obtain your dream home in our beautiful city!


One of Charlotte’s most prestigious neighborhoods is Eastover homes for sale. This beautiful community is located just southeast of Center City and has historically attracted Charlotte’s most famous leaders such as John Belk!

With a livability score of 87, Eastover is ranked #1 in both Charlotte and all of North Carolina! It boasts the best schools and one of the lowest crime rates. However, the average home price is $881,000 and the cost of living is significantly higher than other areas of the Queen City. But if you are looking for the best in class, look no further than Eastover.


Dilworth houses for sale is another Charlotte suburb brimming with history. It’s known for its revamped bungalows, renovated historic homes, gorgeous parks and soaring churches. The average home price is $452,000 and it also has fantastic schools with a 94% high school graduation rate.

Myers Park

Myers Park used to be a large cotton farm, but was made into a “garden suburb” by architect John Nolen. Many consider this Charlotte’s most beautiful community with winding paths and unbeatable landscaping around every house for sale in Myers Park. Average home prices are around $723,000 and the cost of living is 68% higher than Charlotte’s average.

What are your favorite Charlotte neighborhoods and why? We would love to hear about what you desire in your dream home. Call Homes By Cross today and we will help you find the perfect abode for your family!

Jan. 31, 2018

Child Decorating Tips for a Calm Home Environment

Child Decorating Tips for a Calm Home Environment in Waxhaw Houses for SaleEvery young child has their moments of hyperactivity. However, there are ways to decorate your child’s spaces that will likely soothe them in a Lake Wylie house for sale. Read this article to learn about child decorating tips for a calm home environment and better sleep! Making some of these simple changes may improve your child’s behavior.

Color Matters

Science proves that color choices matter in a room. Generally speaking, brighter colors tend to excite the mind, while neutrals tend to have a calming effect. So instead of that hot pink or lime green, choose warm earth tones or muted blue hues to create the optimal environment for your child in a home for sale in Lake Norman.

Avoid Clutter

Sure, kids love endless amounts of stuffed animals, trains and diggers, but clutter often results in overstimulation. It may be difficult to avoid this if you have a toy room, but consider your child’s sleeping area. Choose only their favorite items and make sure the rest is out of their rooms. Try it and you may find that your child (and you) gets a few extra hours of shut-eye!

Choose Soothing Artwork

It’s best to minimize posters and other artwork overall when it comes to your kids’ bedrooms. Think minimalism and you’ll create the perfect calming space! If you do choose artwork, try to stick to a nature inspired theme. Pictures of gently flowing streams or quiet forests are examples of images that help a child unwind at the end of the day.

Ample Storage Space

It’s important to have enough storage space in your child’s sleeping and playing areas in a Waxhaw home for sale. You will find that it’s much easier to keep rooms organized and you will naturally teach your child that everything has a place. This sense of order will inevitably calm and center your child.

Do you have child decorating tips for a calm home environment? Please share. We would love to hear about what has worked for your family!

Jan. 29, 2018

How to Buy New Construction for Charlotte Home Buyers

How to Buy New Construction for Charlotte Home BuyersIf you are a new Charlotte resident, a first time home buyer or just brand new to the new construction process, this article will provide much needed tips. There are certain unspoken rules that apply to new construction that could put you in a bad situation if you aren’t aware. Read this article for the inside scoop on how to buy new construction for Charlotte home buyers so that you get the best possible deal on a house for sale in Weddington!

Choose the Right Contractor

Hands down, the most important choice in new construction for homes for sale in Providence is choosing a quality contractor! You should seek out someone who is honest and has a strong local reputation. Additionally, make certain that their fee structure is clear and upfront. In many areas of Charlotte, national builders are becoming more prevalent.

Contractor Style

Make sure to go scope out a contractor’s work before hiring them. You want to not only make sure their work is top-notch, but you also want to be sure that their style matches your style. If the style homes they build doesn’t wow you, look elsewhere!

Choice of Suppliers

It is vital that the builder you choose gives you the ability to choose from multiple suppliers to build your luxury home for sale in Charlotte. The best scenario would be that you would be able to choose one yourself so that you get the best price for your budget.

While you’re at it, check to be sure that allowances and the builder markup or clearly defined and explained so that you aren’t surprised by any pricing! Builders are notorious for up-selling clients for upgrades and then charging for them. In many cases, budgets can end up being up to 20% off! That is huge.

Do you have any additional tips on how to buy new construction for Charlotte home buyers? We would love to hear about your personal experience with new construction!