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May 10, 2018

What Does Sale Pending Mean When I’m House Hunting?

What Does Sale Pending Mean When I'm House Hunting in Charlotte?Many potential home buyers begin their home search online even before they hire an agent. Perhaps you’re browsing available homes and suddenly you come across your dream home! It has everything you want and fits neatly into your budget. However, you notice the status, “Sale Pending.” What does it mean? Should you give up hope on your dream home for sale in Ballantyne? Read this article to find out what sale pending means and steps you can take to snatch up the perfect home!

What Does Sale Pending Mean?

A pending sale means that the seller has an offer but has not yet closed. The moment a contract is executed, a property is pending sale. However, it is still not officially sold and there is a still a chance that the sale won’t go through.

Two primary instances would be if the house inspection doesn’t check out or if the buyer can’t pull together the financing. Even with a sale pending status, you could still land that particular dream house for sale in Lake Norman.

Make Your Interest Known

If you see a pending sale that you are interested in, let your agent know! In this competitive market, you never know what will happen. If your offer is stellar enough, you could end up with that home! Remember, until closing, you still have some wiggle room.

Throw In an Offer

If you are financially able and the circumstances allow for it, throw in a strong offer and negotiate with the seller. If your deal is substantially sweeter, it will improve your odds of winning a sale pending Waxhaw house for sale.

When you are upfront about the fact that you want a particular home and show that you are willing and able to make the deal worth it for the seller, the scale is more likely to tip in your favor.

Do you have experience getting a sale pending home? We want to hear about your experience!

May 9, 2018

Reasons to Sell Your House in 2018

Reasons to Sell Your House in 2018Reasons to Sell Your House in 2018

Perhaps you haven’t yet considered selling your house for sale in Eastover this year. However, if you think that you’re ready for something different, data shows that 2018 is the year to make the leap.

According to a recent Trulia survey, 31 percent of survey respondents believe that 2018 will be a better year for selling a home than 2017. Only 14 percent said they expected it to be worse. The kicker is this. A mere 6 percent of homeowners surveyed plan to sell their home in 2018, despite the positive outlook! Read on for reasons to sell your home in 2018 and how to prepare.

Low Inventory

The fact that only 6 percent of homeowners in this survey plan to sell their home this year means that low inventory will continue. For home sellers, this means that demand for your home for sale in Cotswold will be hot!

Home buyers are truly chomping at the bit, and it’s essential to take advantage of this market environment while it lasts. Reports from Zillow show that later this year, it is likely that home builders will start constructing more starter homes to meet the ever rising demand.

Interest Rates are Still Low

Another reason to sell your home now? Interest rates are still low, paving the way for more potential buyers to snatch up your Providence home for sale. The Mortgage Bankers associating predicts that rates will rise to 5 percent in 2019 and 5.3 percent in 2020.

These higher rates often mean less competition among buyers and therefore, less bidding wars for sellers.

How to Prepare

The bottom line is that inventory is still at an all-time low and demand is extremely high. Market conditions after 2018 are very uncertain, and now is simply the time to sell.

In this market, there are three primary areas to focus on to get your house ready: Declutter, repair and put effort into curb appeal. If you seriously tackle these three things, your house will likely generate ample interest. Call Homes By Cross today and we will sell your house fast and for top dollar!

May 2, 2018

What You Should Know About Home Cash Buyers

What You Should Know About Home Cash BuyersIf you snag a cash buyer for your house for sale in Ballantyne, it likely calls for a celebration. Selling to a cash buyer has a lot of advantages, two of which are a fast speed of sale and convenience. Once you accept a cash offer, you can often get your money in days. Depending on your situation as a seller, this could be a life saver! Read this article for details on what you should know about home cash buyers as you prepare to sell your Charlotte home!

Fewer Snags

A cash sale removes many of the circumstances that result in a sale falling through. For instance, you don’t have to worry about whether your buyer will qualify for a loan. Once the cash is exchanged, there is no going back!

Best of all, cash sales close quickly compared to conventional sales. Generally, you can expect to close in 1 to 3 weeks. Whereas with a conventional sale, it takes 4 to 7 weeks. Typically, a cash sale is “as is,” which means that you won’t be on the hook to do any major repairs before closing.

Protect Yourself

Although a cash buyer is highly desirable for a NoDa house for sale, it is still necessary to protect yourself. For instance, you should get proof of funds from the buyer before you agree to anything.

Keep in mind that if a cash buyer still requests added contingencies such as an appraisal and inspection, it won’t glean as much of a benefit.

Cash is Great for the Buyer

Not only do sellers benefit from a cash buyer, but the buyer benefits as well! Paying cash for a home for sale in Southpark means no mortgage payment and a firm sense of security. Additionally, the buyer has available equity and market fluctuations don’t matter as much.

Do you have experience buying as a cash buyer or selling to a cash buyer? Please share your experiences!

May 1, 2018

The Best Time to Sell Your Charlotte House

The Best Time to Sell Your Charlotte HouseAs a homeowner of an Indian Land home for sale, knowing the best time to put your house on the market is half the battle. Timing is everything when it comes to selling for top dollar and recouping some cash. Read this article for details on the best time to sell your Charlotte home and what you can expect at other times of the year.

The Perfect Season

According to a new report from Zillow, waiting until late spring to put your house for sale in Cornelius on the market could result in a faster sale and higher bids. Homes listed between May 1 and May 15 often sell nearly two weeks sooner and for an average of $2,400 more. Those budding trees and blooming flowers may help to boost buying confidence!

The Perfect Day of the Week

The Zillow report also found that listing your house on certain days of the week could also improve your chances of a faster sale and higher sale price. Saturday came up on top as the absolute best day of the week to list your home. Thursday, Friday and Sunday also showed up as strong days to list.

The Current Market

You may wonder, why is May such a good time for home sales? The key is low inventory and many buyers simply want to settle in before summer hits, and are often willing to pay more for the right house for sale in Huntersville.

And get this. On average, a homeowner will spend $18,342 in extra costs when they sell their home. Choosing the right time to put it on the market is so important if you want to recoup some of these additional costs.

Are you looking to put your Charlotte house on the market this May? Call Homes By Cross today to sell fast and get top dollar for your house!

April 28, 2018

Home Inspection Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Home Inspection Mistakes You Don't Want to Make in CharlotteGetting a home inspection for a Belmont home for sale is essential in order to find out the true condition of a home and make sure you are getting a fair deal. Additionally, home inspectors educate buyers on how to maintain the specific property of interest. It’s the biggest investment of your life and you want to know how to take care of it! Read this article to learn about home inspection mistakes you don’t want to make when buying or selling your Charlotte home.

You Don’t Do Thorough Research Before Hiring an Inspector

Too many buyers and sellers hire whichever home inspector is recommended to them first for their house for sale in Davidson. However, it is absolutely vital to do thorough research before hiring someone.

When interviewing potential inspectors, asking questions such as: How long have you been inspecting homes? What are your qualifications and certifications? Do you have experience in building or contracting? Basically, you only want someone who is a certified professional and is proactive in continuing their education!

Not Being There During the Inspection

It is a very good idea to be present during the inspection of your Lake Wylie house for sale. Sure, you can opt out and simply read the report after the fact. However, you will likely have unanswered questions if you choose to do that.

If you end up with an inspector who seems uncomfortable when you follow him around the house, that is a big red flag. You want someone who is honest and wants to explain all of the specifics of any needed repairs.

Not Preparing Your Home for the Inspector

It’s important to prep your house for the arrival of the inspector. Do simple actions such as unlocking any latched doors and making sure entrances are easily accessible and free of clutter.

Have you seen more home inspections mistakes you don’t want to make? Please comment and share what you’ve seen and experienced!

April 24, 2018

Charlotte Ranked No. 2 for Economic Growth Potential

Charlotte Ranked No. 2 For Economic Growth PotentialCharlotte was recently ranked No. 2 metro area in America for economic growth potential by the Business Facilities’ 13th Annual Rankings Report! This is a huge achievement for the Queen City, as it has sought to diversify its heavy reliance on the banking industry. If you are considering a NoDa home for sale, know that you will be in a market with plenty of opportunity. Read on for details on how Charlotte ranked No. 2 for economic growth potential and what that means for you as a Queen City resident!

Ranking Details

The Business Facilities’ rankings report is focused on the tech industry in particular. If a metro area has a strong presence of tech start-ups, tech manufacturing and data centers, it will do well in the rankings.

So how did Charlotte grab the No. 2 spot? For starters, Charlotte houses Apple’s new $5 billion data center. It also features Amazon’s new $375 million data-center wind farm

Additionally, the Charlotte metro area hosts a friendly environment for tech growth. We have excellent tax incentives for the tech industry, strong infrastructure growth and still a plethora of land available for development.

If you are looking for new opportunity, Charlotte is the place to be and houses for sale in Plaza is one of the many perfect places to settle down.

The Future

This report highlights the fact that there is an extremely competitive market in place today. Economic power is grabbed in unlikely places such as cyberspace. If you want to be in a place where you and your family can see positive growth in the future, check out homes for sale in Steele Creek.

What do you think about the fact that Charlotte ranked No. 2 for economic growth potential? We would love to hear about your personal experience in the Queen City!

April 19, 2018

Demands in Luxury Homes Shift as the Younger Generation Takes Over

Demands in Luxury Homes Shift as the Younger Generation Takes OverAccording to recent research by Luxury Portfolio International, buyers between the ages of 25 and 49 are now greatly shaping the luxury market. It is no longer just the older generation seeking Charlotte luxury houses for sale, and agents need to be aware of the changing demands. Read this article to learn about how demands in luxury homes shift as the younger generation takes over.

The New Demands

The new data shows that 78 percent of buyers between age 25 and 49 are interested in homes of at least 5,000 square feet. They have a strong preference for brick homes in a variety of styles such as Modern, Victorian, and Tudor, but with commercial-grade kitchens and top-notch security systems. Approximately 55 percent of these buyers want to live near restaurants. With this said, luxury homes for sale in Southpark may just fit the bill.

In general, this age group of luxury buyers are seeking a home that fits and inspires their high-performance lifestyles. Think luxury combined with mixed-use development and easy access to the hottest areas of Charlotte.

The Old Demands

The older generation still prefers the tradition luxury of Weddington homes for sale and other quiet, suburban areas. With this generation, you’ll still see a strong desire for a butler’s pantry and a spacious laundry room.

Are you a young buyer seeking a luxury residence? We would love to hear about your must-haves and what your dream home looks like. Contact Homes By Cross today. We are your Charlotte area pros at finding a gorgeous home that fits your refined and focused tastes!

April 16, 2018

Outdoor Spring Cleaning List to Get Your Charlotte Home Ready to Sell

Outdoor Spring Cleaning List to Get Your Charlotte Home Ready to SellSpring cleaning generally brings to mind making the inside of your Marvin home for sale sparkle and shine. However, don’t forget to give the outside of your home just as much care, especially if you are going for curb appeal this spring! Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home this season, these maintenance tips greatly reduce cost and risk as a home owner! Read this article for the ultimate outdoor spring cleaning list to get your Charlotte home ready to sell.

Check Your Roof

The roof of your house can be a huge expense if it isn’t maintained properly. Start by inspecting the roof on your house for sale in Matthews and look for any missing shingles and keep your eyes peeled for water stains.

Where should you look? Concentrate around the chimney, any skylights or other openings. Repairing your roof now will save you oodles of money in the long run!

Inspect Outdoor Lights

Lighting maintenance is essential to keep your property looking polished for potential buyers. Check your outdoor lights to make sure they are free of dust and dirt and in working order. You should also check street lights near your home for sale in Tega Cay to make sure they are shining brightly for safety reasons.

Clean Up the Deck

Inspecting your deck is extremely important after the cold winter months. Look carefully for peeling, splintering or even rotting boards. You should also check to see if any existing wood is unprotected. It isn’t uncommon for a deck to require resealing after enduring the harsh elements.

Do you have any other items to add to the outdoor spring cleaning list to get your Charlotte home ready to sell? Theses are just a few of the places that may need your attention this season. We would love to hear about your cleaning projects this spring!

April 12, 2018

How To Turn Your Formal Dining Room Into a Multipurpose Space

How to Turn Your Formal Dining Room Into a Multipurpose SpaceMillennials are delving into the housing market, and of course, changing what is in demand. With older generations, it was a basic necessity to have both an informal and formal dining room in an Eastover house for sale. However, the younger generations are comfortable with their informal eating spaces and love the idea of taking the formal and adding a twist. Read this article for ideas on how to turn your formal dining room into a multipurpose space.

Functional Accessories

Perhaps you like the idea of keeping the dining room set intact for when you have more dinner guests than usual in your Providence house for sale. If so, all you need are some functional accessories so that you can easily use the space for a variety of activities.

For instance, add a book tower in one corner and rolling caddy with craft supplies for the kids. The space is now equipped to be a reading room and place for your children to craft their hearts out!

Embrace an Eclectic Style

When you do decide to use a room such as a formal dining room for multiple purposes, embracing an eclectic style is your best bet in a house for sale in Dilworth. A mix of styles will reflect the mix of uses you are going for.

For example, you can mix midcentury modern, coastal cottage and an industrial style to give the room a creative flair. Stick to cheery colors and remember to add texture in the decor scheme.

Remember the Floor

Finally, when outfitting your formal dining room to serve several uses, don’t neglect the floor. For example, add a fun area rug to transform the space and make it cozy. Many home owners love transforming these formal spaces into exercise areas. Remember to add a small cart with dumbbells and a place for yoga mats as well.

Do you have more tips on how to turn your formal dining room into a multipurpose space? We would love to hear your design ideas!

April 9, 2018

Top Home Features Buyers Will Pay Extra For

Top Home Features Buyers Will Pay Extra ForIf you are prepping your Ballantyne home for sale to go on the market this spring, you are likely wondering how to get top dollar for your home. There are certain home amenities that are especially popular, and therefore, buyers won’t think twice about paying more for these special features. Read this article to learn about the top home features buyers will pay extra for!

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are considered very important to buyers under age 55. Generally speaking, the older generations still consider carpet more comfortable, as it conserves energy and keeps a home warmer.

However, if you are looking to market your home to Millennials, hardwood floors are a go-to feature in a home for sale in Dilworth! The reason? Hardwood is easier to clean than carpet.

Master Bedroom Amenities

Get this. 60 percent of home buyers are willing to pay extra for a master bedroom walk-in closet.  This feature is appealing because of the status and additional space.

Approximately half of home buyers desire an en-suite master bath. Buyers are currently seeking a bath that is more cozy with spa features! Additionally, double sinks are usually a must.

New Kitchen Appliances

Almost 70 percent of home buyers say that new kitchen appliances are worth forking out more cash! People just don’t want to deal with the stress of a broken appliance after a long day at work.

New appliances in a Center City Charlotte house for sale are convenient and stylish and they may be worth it for home sellers to invest in before putting their house on the market.

What are your top home features that you are willing to pay extra for? We would love to hear what details are at the top of your list for your new Charlotte home!