What Does Sale Pending Mean When I'm House Hunting in Charlotte?Many potential home buyers begin their home search online even before they hire an agent. Perhaps you’re browsing available homes and suddenly you come across your dream home! It has everything you want and fits neatly into your budget. However, you notice the status, “Sale Pending.” What does it mean? Should you give up hope on your dream home for sale in Ballantyne? Read this article to find out what sale pending means and steps you can take to snatch up the perfect home!

What Does Sale Pending Mean?

A pending sale means that the seller has an offer but has not yet closed. The moment a contract is executed, a property is pending sale. However, it is still not officially sold and there is a still a chance that the sale won’t go through.

Two primary instances would be if the house inspection doesn’t check out or if the buyer can’t pull together the financing. Even with a sale pending status, you could still land that particular dream house for sale in Lake Norman.

Make Your Interest Known

If you see a pending sale that you are interested in, let your agent know! In this competitive market, you never know what will happen. If your offer is stellar enough, you could end up with that home! Remember, until closing, you still have some wiggle room.

Throw In an Offer

If you are financially able and the circumstances allow for it, throw in a strong offer and negotiate with the seller. If your deal is substantially sweeter, it will improve your odds of winning a sale pending Waxhaw house for sale.

When you are upfront about the fact that you want a particular home and show that you are willing and able to make the deal worth it for the seller, the scale is more likely to tip in your favor.

Do you have experience getting a sale pending home? We want to hear about your experience!