About the Best Charlotte NeighborhoodsIf you are looking for a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle and personality, you are sure to find it in Charlotte. The Queen City has everything from historic neighborhoods to modern and from working class to luxury Charlotte houses for sale. There is truly something for everyone! Read this article to learn about the best Charlotte neighborhoods and what it takes to obtain your dream home in our beautiful city!


One of Charlotte’s most prestigious neighborhoods is Eastover homes for sale. This beautiful community is located just southeast of Center City and has historically attracted Charlotte’s most famous leaders such as John Belk!

With a livability score of 87, Eastover is ranked #1 in both Charlotte and all of North Carolina! It boasts the best schools and one of the lowest crime rates. However, the average home price is $881,000 and the cost of living is significantly higher than other areas of the Queen City. But if you are looking for the best in class, look no further than Eastover.


Dilworth houses for sale is another Charlotte suburb brimming with history. It’s known for its revamped bungalows, renovated historic homes, gorgeous parks and soaring churches. The average home price is $452,000 and it also has fantastic schools with a 94% high school graduation rate.

Myers Park

Myers Park used to be a large cotton farm, but was made into a “garden suburb” by architect John Nolen. Many consider this Charlotte’s most beautiful community with winding paths and unbeatable landscaping around every house for sale in Myers Park. Average home prices are around $723,000 and the cost of living is 68% higher than Charlotte’s average.

What are your favorite Charlotte neighborhoods and why? We would love to hear about what you desire in your dream home. Call Homes By Cross today and we will help you find the perfect abode for your family!