All About the New Tiny Home Sold On AmazonThere is a slice of the real estate market that is interested in living in tiny homes over traditional houses for sale in Waxhaw. Some buyers do it to simplify their lifestyle and for affordability reasons. Tiny home advocates claim that despite the smaller space, living in a tiny home is more than doable because no square footage is put to waste. Read this article to learn all about the new tiny home sold by Amazon and ready to ship to you!

Houses Online

Amazon is giving house hunting online a whole new definition! The retail giant started in 1994 as an online book retailer. 10 years later they started selling groceries online and everyone thought it was a bit off the wall. However, in homes for sale in University City, their grocery business is definitely popular.

A new company called MODS International has started selling livable shipping containers that are sold on Amazon!

The Details

These tiny homes include a kitchen, teeny tiny living area, bathroom, and a bedroom that can sleep to four with bunk beds. They are customizable so that you can add more windows, double doors, and other options to make the most of the space.

MODS are built to code and the plumbing and electricity can even be adjusted to local building codes. They are apparently easy to set up, and are delivered on a flat bed truck.

The Cost

These tiny homes currently cost $36,000 plus $4,000 in shipping and handling. This is approximately 20% the price of the average Charlotte home. However, it should be noted that there aren’t many reviews on these yet, and so far, they have an average of 2.5 stars.

What do you think of these tiny homes? Would you buy one over a Ballantyne home for sale? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts!