Bold Decorating Ideas for Your Charlotte Home in CorneliusYou just purchased your dream Waxhaw home for sale, and the overall decor just doesn’t fit your style. Sure there are classic and beautiful neutrals and soft tones throughout, but you love to go big and bold. Luckily, there are simple ways to spice up spaces that need some pizzazz! Read this article for bold decorating ideas for your Charlotte home that will make an impression  on anyone who visits!

For Rooms with Plenty of Natural Light

If you have a spacious space with oodles of natural light, you could try something different. Consider painting the walls a charcoal color! It will create a cozy feel, while providing a backdrop for colors to pop. Add splashes of color into the scene such as cheery colored arm chairs or a rug with an interesting pattern for the best effect.

Spruce Up Unexpected Spaces

There are certain spaces in a house for sale in Troutman that just don’t get enough attention. The laundry room is one. It’s a very functional space, but whoever said functional spaces couldn’t be fancy? For example, for a bold effect, consider hanging a beautiful chandelier over the washer and dryer. You’ll add style and make folding clothes a bit more bearable.

Nontraditional Upholstery

If you’re the type that loves to switch things up, consider reupholstering some furniture for a bold new look! For example, upholster your dining room chairs using two fabrics. Use a printed fabric for the back of the chair, while leaving the rest of the chair a solid color.

The key is to decorate the rest of the dining room in your Cornelius home for sale in a way that complements the nontraditional upholstery and brings it all together!

Do you have more bold decorating ideas for your Charlotte home? We would love to hear about your latest home improvement projects!