Top Home Features Buyers Will Pay Extra ForIf you are prepping your Ballantyne home for sale to go on the market this spring, you are likely wondering how to get top dollar for your home. There are certain home amenities that are especially popular, and therefore, buyers won’t think twice about paying more for these special features. Read this article to learn about the top home features buyers will pay extra for!

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are considered very important to buyers under age 55. Generally speaking, the older generations still consider carpet more comfortable, as it conserves energy and keeps a home warmer.

However, if you are looking to market your home to Millennials, hardwood floors are a go-to feature in a home for sale in Dilworth! The reason? Hardwood is easier to clean than carpet.

Master Bedroom Amenities

Get this. 60 percent of home buyers are willing to pay extra for a master bedroom walk-in closet.  This feature is appealing because of the status and additional space.

Approximately half of home buyers desire an en-suite master bath. Buyers are currently seeking a bath that is more cozy with spa features! Additionally, double sinks are usually a must.

New Kitchen Appliances

Almost 70 percent of home buyers say that new kitchen appliances are worth forking out more cash! People just don’t want to deal with the stress of a broken appliance after a long day at work.

New appliances in a Center City Charlotte house for sale are convenient and stylish and they may be worth it for home sellers to invest in before putting their house on the market.

What are your top home features that you are willing to pay extra for? We would love to hear what details are at the top of your list for your new Charlotte home!