How to Decorate a Loft in CharlotteLiving in a loft such as a Center City home for sale is contemporary, fun and unique. However, depending on the type of space you purchase, you could be faced with an interior design challenge. Lofts are often open concepts with interesting features throughout. Utilizing the space in an effective and stylish way is the challenge. Read on for tips on how to decorate a loft to create a cozy home you will adore!

Define and Divide

The first step to decorating a home for sale in NoDa is to define the space. Figure out where the best place is for your sleeping quarters, living room and dining room. This is best figured out based on where the kitchen and bathrooms are located and the placement of the windows throughout your loft.

Next, you want to stylishly divide the designated living spaces. If you want to maintain an open concept, this is best done with beautiful furniture pieces such as bookcases and tables. If you want certain spaces such as your bedroom to have extra privacy, you can opt for room dividers or fabric screens.

Deciding on a Style

Some lofts in houses for sale in University City fit best with a sleek and modern style. However, if your loft is part of an older building with tons of history, you may want to lean toward a more antique style. The key is to stay true to the architectural elements that are already present in your home.

High and Low

Lofts tend to feature beautiful high ceilings. However, you want to maintain that cozy feel despite any exposed ductwork. Painting the ceiling a darker shade may help with this. Additionally, crown molding can add a classic element, while bringing the height of the ceiling down a bit.

Additionally, opt for taller pieces of furniture such as bookcases and armoires. You may even be able to go bold with bright and large pieces of artwork!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to warm up the floor. Many lofts boast hardwood or cement flooring. They are gorgeous, but cold when you first wake up in the morning.! Remember to purchase a few large, plush and stylish rugs to make your loft extra cozy on those cold mornings!

Do you have more tips on how to decorate a loft? We would love to hear your ideas!