Tips To Get Your Teen to Clean Their Room for House ShowingsEvery parent knows that inspiring teens to do anything you want them to do can seem impossible. This is especially true when it comes to keeping your house for sale in Southpark neat and tidy for upcoming home showings. As a seller, you have plenty of other business to attend to. Read this article for tips to get your teen to clean their room for house showings so that you have one less item to check off your list!

Offer an Incentive

Many teens are inspired by incentives, and especially cash incentives! The key is to establish a set allowance and a list of exactly what needs to be cleaned in a Providence home for sale to get that allowance. Clear expectations, communication and consistency are key for this to work.

If offering cash isn’t possible right now, choose a different incentive. For example, let them do an activity with friends they have been begging to do if they hold up their end of the deal. Remember to reward your teen when they least expect it as well. Words of affirmation do wonders in boosting morale.

Give Them a Room They Are Proud Of

When teens have a space they are in love with, they are much more likely to take care of it. For instance, let them choose the color scheme, furnishings and accessories as much as possible. Brainstorm with them to find ways of showcasing their most prized possessions.

Giving them freedom over their own space in a house for sale in Waxhaw will likely help inspire them to maintain it and keep it clean.


Lastly, if you find that your teen is constantly distracted with devices and never gets to daily chores, it’s time for consequences. It could be anything from taking away their devices entirely to resetting the Wi-Fi password until chores are complete.

Do you have any other ideas on how to get your teen to clean their room for house showings? Please share what works for you!