Union County Overview

Union County is one of the fastest growing counties in North Carolina since its offers a unique combination of rural and metropolitan lifestyles to its residents. Apart from the natural beauty of this county, this area is flourishing in terms of suburban and industrial growth. The primary factors contributing to Union's economic growth are agriculture, business, and industry. Uptown Charlotte is only a short drive away that is why many people choose to settle here.

If you are looking for home that is located in a relaxed setting yet close enough to a large metropolitan city, Union County is the perfect place for you. Communities like the Village of Marvin and the Town of Weddington are primarily populated with estate housing that ranges from $500,000 to well over $2,000,000. Union County Homes are located in established and compact neighborhoods that promote a feeling of community. Homes for sale have a wide range of architecture, design and amenities depending on your budget and preferred location. 

Union County Recreation

Union County is bursting with a variety of recreation and sports opportunities, from beautiful natural parks, sports complexes and water recreation. The area’s close proximity to Charlotte allows residents to enjoy a variety of professional sporting events. Also, there are numerous golf courses and amateur sports complexes which attract hundreds of visitors who come for family outings or tournaments. 

Union County hosts the Queen’s Cup Steeplechase, a premier event that features some of the most athletic thoroughbreds. This much anticipated sporting and social event is held annually in the spring. Families and friends enjoy some fast-paced mingling and socializing which solidifies business as well as personal relationships.

Union County boasts many wonderful parks which offer different leisure activities such as fishing, swimming, camping and much more. Cane Creek Park is a family oriented, water based recreation facility perfect for outdoor activities and peaceful relaxation year round. 

Union County Economy

Union County has a diverse economy and strong labor force. The central portion of the county has developed a solid base in advanced manufacturing, most notably in aerospace since the state has the highest concentration of aerospace companies. On the eastern side of the county, agriculture is the primary industry where production of soybeans, corn and broiler chickens ranks among the highest in North Carolina. These attributes, along with the County's strong workforce development and excellent education system make Union County the ideal location for many manufacturers.