Window Shopping and The Internet

The Internet is very much like yesterday's Open Houses. You can learn a lot about a house, right through the Internet.

Once you are through window shopping for homes on the Internet, you are going to want to get your local professionals involved in helping you buy a home.

Finding homes on the Internet is a good starting point to get you familiar with the market; learning the ins and outs of the neighborhoods, as well as getting a feel for what you can purchase with your money.

Be careful, though, as it is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a new home, that you may not be aware of how the game is played. And may hurt yourself big financially-really big.

Setting Yourself Up For Success

If you have your heart set on buying a home, set yourself up to succeed.

To protect your interests during the home buying process, secure your own representation.

The Price of Hiring a Buyer's Agent

It costs you, as the buyer, nothing.

Many home buyers don't realize this, but the seller pays the buyer’s agent’s commission out of the proceeds of the sale, not you.

Hire your real estate agent, work with your lender and get ready to go out and buy a home.

A top agent will provide you with an overview of what's on the market, help you to find the right home for you, walk you through pricing, contracts, negotiations, inspections, attorney and lender work, and be with you till the day you get your keys.

The must-have professionals you hire will be your real estate agent and your mortgage lender.

They will help your home buying journey be a successful one.

This is your A-Team, make sure to use them.