Buyer Representation – Why Bother?

Mainly, to avoid financial losses. Along the way, you'll receive sound real estate advice, enjoy the process, search Charlotte homes for sale and save your self some time!

Hiring a Buyers Agent:

To hire a buyers agent: you will sign a standard NC Buyer Agency Agreement and within it, the buyer agent and you agree, that the buyer agent will be representing you-not the seller-not the builder-ONLY YOU-in the home buying transaction.

It will also state that as a buyer's agent, we are working for you for FREE! Our service fees are to be paid for by the seller or builder. It states this right within the contract.

As a buyer agent we disclose factual information we know about a home or neighborhood/area as part of our responsibility-sound guidance-this includes local insight and any negative aspects that would affect you-our client.

Confidentiality, Loyalty and Fiduciary Responsibilities to you-the Homebuyer (NOTE: The Listing Agent-the one with the sign in the yard-only represents the seller! As does the sales person in the model home, here,   the builder is the seller.)

Buyer Agents Access All Homes:

Buyer agents get you in to view the homes in person. These are homes that work with your criteria, that you have selected.

It includes all homes listed on the MLS, REO's, foreclosures, new construction and builders spec homes and models.

You Find the Perfect Home-Now What?

As your Buyers Agent, first, we create a Market Analysis on the home you choose. This helps determine a "fair market value" for the home and what you should offer to pay for it.

We guide you through the Offer to Purchase. In NC,   this is an 8 page contract. Together, we write the offer up.

Afterwards,   we present the offer  to the sellers listing agent.

At this point, the negotiations begin: Buyers Agent and Sellers Agent going back and forth negotiating on their respective clients behalf. This continues until both parties agree to all of the terms. If the terms cannot be concluded, we withdraw the offer and start looking for another house with you.

IF your Offer is Accepted:

Our job continues:

Working the Offer isn't just about putting pen to paper.

You rule the deal-but as a buyers agent, we are here to guide you through the whole process so that you may buy the house you choose, get the keys and move in!

We will help you through general guidance on the loan process.

Other things addressed include information on closing costs, home warranties, timing, conditions, loan processing,   and counter offers.

As Buyers Agents, we're also there to guide you through the home inspection.

This includes help with selecting a good professional home inspector;  what to expect from your home inspector; issues that come up on the house and means to get those taken care of prior to closing and/or the options you have available to you, if the inspections are downright horrific.

We also work with you in recommending a good real estate closing attorney to make sure all documents are in order. This includes the lender, the appraisal, survey, and all the sellers information from the listing agent.

The real question is:

Why wouldn't you hire a Buyers Agent to represent you on your biggest purchase?

It's free-and it's beyond worthy!

Buying a New Home in Charlotte

It appears that Charlotte is one of the more viable markets for a national builder.

They can still build and sell here, (move the product) which helps their bottom line support other market places.

If you are a buyer, you can now get in a neighborhood that was not affordable to you a few years ago.

As a buyer-be careful. Some of the new homes being thrown up to get the contract  may be diluting the entire neighborhoods value...use your buyers agent, to make sure you buy in a quality neighborhood-for future value, construction and location.

Using your buyer agent, doesn't cost you a thing. Choosing the wrong neighborhood will!

The incentives being put forth are fantastic for first time and move up buyers...

For builders, this is a business. For  our clients, this is their home.