Selling Your Home

If you are considering selling your home in the next 3-6 months, you are probably asking yourself questions like these:

  •       Should I replace the tile counters in the bathroom with granite?
  •        Does the wallpaper make the house look dated?
  •        Is the cost of installing new kitchen cabinets worth the expense?
  •        Do I need to put on a new the roof or can I just have it inspected and replace the deteriorated areas?
  •        Is it necessary to paint all the interior walls, or would touching-up the obvious areas work just as well?
  •        Would installing new carpets and/or refinishing the wood floors be worth the expense?
  •        What about exterior paint—should I have the house painted before putting it on the market, or use that as         a bargaining point in negotiating the sale?

These are all good questions.
And none of them has an easy yes or no answer.

For  more Charlotte home selling information, we offer these for your review.

Nothing answers your questions more, than a personal on site visit, we hope you will call us so that we may visit your home and see if we can be of further assistance.

As Charlotte Listing Agents

Your home is unique, as is the neighborhood you live in.

Part of our expertise is helping sellers prepare their homes with the right improvements that bring in top dollar.

We’ll also do our best to answer any other questions  you have, such as:

  •       Number of New Listings in your Neighborhood:
  •       Number of Sales:
  •       Average Sales Price:
  •       Average List Price to Sales Price:
  •       Average Time on the Market:

We would be happy to stop by and do a simple walk-through to point out areas to focus on to improve your house’s market value—as well as what projects will not likely give you a good return on your money or time.

There is no charge for this service.

If you are interested in having us do this free walk-through to get your house market-ready, please feel give us a call.